NW802 kernel module


News :


New files in the CVS.

Added init for the Panasonic GP-KR651US cam. Thanks to Yura Gorbunov that supported us with a cam.

Also made a new Makefile.26 to follow the new directory layout of the kernel source. Also fixed the patch-2.6 so it would compile on newer kernel's. (Tested on 2.6.19)


New files in the CVS.

Added optional init for the Trust spacecam 120.


New files in the CVS.

Patch for kernel 2.6 and a Makefile for 2.6. And some small bugg fixes.
So to compile with a 2.6 kernel :

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@nw802.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nw802 login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@nw802.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nw802 co -P nw802-2.4
cd nw802-2.4
cp Makefile.26 Makefile
patch -p0 < patch-2.6
make clean


CVS update.

Added init file for iRez Kritter cam.


CVS update.

Made a quick fix to avoid the oops. May cause some side effects. Pleas check dmesg for any warnings, and give feedback on the fix.


CVS update.

Added init file for 'TwinkleCam' in CVS. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Added init file for 'Plustek Opticam 500U' in CVS. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Added init file for 'Trust SpaceCam120' in CVS. Reported to work on 'SpaceCam100 PORTABLE' also. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Added basic support for Conceptronic Video Pro 'CVIDEOPRO USB Webcam CCD' cam in CVS. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Added basic support for 'The Scope USB Microscope M2' (ProScope) cam in CVS. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Added init file for D-link DRU350c cam in CVS. Follow instruction in README file on how to use.


CVS update.

Update to nw802.c. Now autodetecting chip type.


CVS update.

New nw801.init file. Supporting QuickCam Pro (with dark ring). Feedback on the mail list is appreciated.


Committed a new CVS update.

Changes have been done to improve the compression (quality and speed). And it is broken out in separate files. A new tool (nw8xx_regedit) is also included.

The nw8xx_regedit gives you control over gain settings shutter control and tweaking of the lookup table.


I've just committed a new CVS update that should add support ( partial and experimental, as for NW802 ), for the NW800 based cameras. Many thanks to Robert Peter for his help in debugging the init sequence of this cam.


Wow ... I know ... It's been a long time.

A new CVS version has been released. It has some improved brightness and also has an included array of supported devices. If you have a cam that is supported but not in the default list included with the drivers ( in nw802.c ), tell me, I'll add it ( I need vendorID/productID and a name ).

Tanx to every one for feedback ! If you sent me a mail and I didn't respond, insist ! I may have forgot it sorry ... I ALWAYS respond !

Also, there is now a mailing list, use it for feedback instead of direct mail to my personnal address. So there is a log and I can more easily track my answers

A lot of people reported a black image ( total black, not too dark ) with NW802 based cam. I can't reproduce this problem ... So If any one with one of this cam can send me one, that would be nice ( contact me by email ). Also, some people asked for NW800/NW801 support. They seem quite similar from the log I've seen. If you could send me a sample, I could try to support them. Sorry, I can't afford buying every webcam people want supported ...


Sorry guys, I've been really busy these last 5 months. I've also received a lot of emails about the drivers so I'll try to work on it more often to make it more compatible with application and to solve the most annoying bugs. I'll also write a better documentation and FAQ to avoid answering 5 times the same question ;)


My exams are finished, so I'm back in buisness !

Some update on the CVS, a new version of the module with improved performance, and two new module on the CVS. These are mainly for devellopers, one is to test JPEG-Lite decoding and the second is a special version of the kernel module wich allow to record data streams and send of command to the camera.


Well, I have some bad news. I must work on my univeristy examinations. So the project is paused until the end of june ( about 1.5 month ). You can still contact me if you get some trouble compiling the module or to give me feedbacks.


A working version has been released ! This one produce a picture. Still very limited ( 320x240 only, no picture tuning, ... ). But it works ;)


Files uploaded to the CVS. It doesn't, produce an image yet but it loads and unloads. I'm working on the camera init and image decoding ... Wait ...


A website is added ! So you can monitor what is hapenning to this project. No files on CVS yet, I'm currently rewriting the code to make it more readable. When it's finished, I'll upload the code to the CVS so people can give me feedbacks.


The project is added to SourceForge. No files yet, not even on CVS, no website



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